Interview with a famous gim

Interwiever.Hello ,Cyrus

Cyrus. Hi

Interwiever. Can you tell me about your day for the school magazine?


Interwiever. What time do you get up?

Cyrus. Oh,I usually get up at 6 o clock,have a breakfast and go to the gym near me.

Interwiever. Nice,you can get up so early?

Cyrus. Yeah,then i go to my recording studio and work there until 3 oclock.

Interwiever. When do you have a lunch?

Cyrus. I have lunch at 3 o clock.

Interwiever. What do you do after that?

Cyrus. I call my friends and schedule meetings with them somewhere.

Interwiever. What time do you have dinner?

Cyrus. I have dinner at 9 oclock , then i come home late, and go to bed.

Interwiever. Thanks Cyrus.Have a good day.

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